Queensland Pool Regulations Compliance

The date for compulsory compliance with the new regulations for pool fencing in Queensland is fast approaching. A large majority of pool owners originally left this as a low priority for various reasons such as the cost factor and lack of information, but mainly determining that a five year deadline was just too far ahead to worry about!

Well! We are now 24months until D day (30th November 2015) and the estimation is that there are still many thousands of non-compliant pools and spas etc, across Queensland.

Remember this new regulation (Queensland Development Code MP 3.4 2010) applies throughout the State regardless of size of property or remoteness. The code covers outdoor pools, indoor pools, residential pools, private communal pools, large portable pools which fall into the regulations, spas, Jacuzzis and even structures that were built and approved as pools but now, for example, are used as fish ponds!

Do not make the mistake of leaving your pool fencing upgrades to the last minute. There is bound to be a great rush of people desperately hunting around for fencing installers to complete works on time, to then enable them to engage a Pool Safety Inspector to check and pass the pool as compliant.

As is always the case, this bulk of work will produce long lead times for pool fence installations by QBSA licensed professionals and is therefore likely to create a climate that will see an influx of poor workmanship and possible scams by, no name, get rich quick merchants!


One recent positive change to the Pool Safety regulations allows pool owners to fit or have fitted new or replacement pool fencing without needing a Building Approval (subject to conditions)

The owner must first engage a Pool Safety Inspector who will work with the owner to ensure that the proposed fence will comply with current standards. The Pool Safety inspector will then inspect the pool fence on completion and issue a Pool Safety Certificate. check my domain . This method ensures that the regulations have been correctly applied and that there are no costly mistakes.

For detailed information on Pool Safety in Queensland see www.hpw.qld.gov.au/poolsafety