How to Order (Semi-Frameless)

Semi-frameless glass fencing


Choose Satin Black or Precious Silver Pearl powder coat.


Posts are available in two different lengths:

1400mm long for fitting into core drilled holes in concrete.

1800mm long for setting in to deeper concrete footings in soft ground.


100mm x 100mm x 10mm thick bases, attached with 4 x stainless steel screws for fitting to timber decks with 4 coach/batten screws or to concrete with 4 Dyna Bolts or similar.

Posts are available with different angles:    

2 Way for straight line glass fence sections

1 Way for fence ends or each side of gates

135 degree for 135/45 degree glass angles

90 degree for right angled glass angles

Half posts for screwing to posts, timber or brickwork

Post Accessories

Flat Caps - 1 push-on flat cap required for top of each post.

Dress Ring - A neat cover over core drilled hole where post is set into concrete base, 1 per post.

Snap-in Infill - Available in 1400mm lengths, snaps into posts for glass support, cut to size as required, enough for up to 14 posts.  You may also need extra full lengths of infill if you are blanking off 2 way end posts.

Sitting Block  – Black nylon block sits on infill as a cushion under glass panel, 1 or 2 per post (useful to order a few more to make adjustment to glass heights, if required).

Rubber Glazing Gasket  - Black push-in gasket to secure glass in post, 2 over sized lengths per post.

Glass Panels

Choose from the glass panel sizes listed in the store pages.

Note:   Add 16mm to the glass panel widths to obtain the centre post to centre post measurements.

Use centre post to centre post measurements to mark out your fence on the ground.

Remember to add a 25mm post width each end to determine the overall finished fence length.

For gates you must leave 920mm between post centres.

Gate Fittings

Hinges  for gates fitted in straight line fences and for gates hung on to wall or timber post, 1 x square post to glass, 316 grade stainless self- closing hinge required.

Latches  1 x Magnalatch side pull for glass, self-closing latch with Silver or Black striker plate.


For more detailed information on semi-frameless glass systems:

Installation Instructions (DIY)


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